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About Us

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, I have always had an immense love and admiration for my home country! I moved to the US permanently while in my twenties and struggled with the loss of Peruvian culture around me, but always kept it close to my heart. After leaving my career in marketing and advertising in Los Angeles, I was ready for my next adventure and I knew it had to involve Peru. My immense passion and pride for my extraordinary country and its traditions has led me to share the beauty of Peruvian culture with the world. With more than 10,000 years of remarkable and fascinating history, Peru has a delicious and unique gastronomy and countless magnificent archeological sites. 

In addition, Peru is home to an incredible variety of cultural expressions, including the talented artisans from the Andes, and other regions of Peru,  who create beautiful and colorful embroidery that showcase what their hands create -- LOVE, DREAMS, and TRADITIONS.  I’ve always felt that these colorful pieces of art and the magic of their designs had to be shared with the world, so I created,  “Kuyay Peruvian Designs” as a way to share my love of Peru with you!  “Kuyay” is a Quechua word that means “Love” and it represents everything that I feel… the love for my country, its culture, and its people!

The beautiful creations that embody Kuyay Peruvian Designs are made from ethically-sourced, sustainable material that maintains the traditional weaving techniques of Peru while incorporating contemporary fashion. Our pieces will transport you to the indigenous world of the Peruvian Andes, feel the smell of their fresh crisp air and enjoy the beauty of Peru while supporting the local people of the Andes region.

 As seen on Despierta América!